Enjoy Your Own Boot Camp Workout

Don’t have the time or resources to join in on a boot camp experience?

Don’t worry, you can create your own boot camp class and get the same muscle and strength building or weight loss you were hoping to achieve. However, you should realize that you can use this sort of workout in a unique way to make it a bit more fun and a bit more suitable to people of varied fitness levels.

While a lot of fitness enthusiasts can often handle some of the toughest exercises, not everyone can so readily begin doing some of those hard core routines. This is why it is a good idea to learn a modified boot camp that almost anyone can handle.

What exercises are used? This is one that incorporates the use of a standard “step” workout bench and then uses it to amp up the intensity of certain moves. The goal will be to do every single exercise for a count of forty and then move on to the next, without stopping.

Resting is okay if you feel that you just cannot keep the pace, but do as much as you can without a break until you have completed three full rounds of each exercise.

For this discussion we’ll look at the following exercises as the ideal components in a boot camp workout:

  • Bench dips – With a flat bench perpendicular to your body, hold on to the edge of the bench with your arms fully extended at shoulder width. Legs are extended with toes pointing towards the ceiling. Inhale and lower your body by bending at the elbows, keep the elbows close to you and then use the triceps to return to the starting position.
  • Jumping jacks – The classic exercise, be sure you use full extension of the arms over the head and keep the knees soft to protect from injury.
  • Knee repeaters – on right and left – Stand with your weight on a bent left leg, draw your right knee in toward your chest and tap the foot back to the floor. Keep the weight over the left leg, proper form is important. Repeat on other side.
  • Kettlebell swings – There are a lot of variations on this one, but the safest and best is to hold the bell with both hands and let it hang to the floor. In one fluid movement, hike it up and then stand into it as the bell comes up. Allow it to swing down and gently place it on the floor. Repeat.
  • Bench toe tap – Stand in front of a bench and with feet hip width apart jump lightly to the bench using force from one foot and then the other. Essentially, you are stepping up with both feet quickly and then back down.
  • Reverse bench lunges – Standing on a step or bench, step backward and down with one foot. You will be in a lunge position as the foot touches the floor. Keep good form and bring the leg back up.
  • High knees – Just as they sound, you jog in place and then slowly increase the height of the knees to the point where the leg is 90 degrees from the floor.
  • Bicep band curls – Stand with the band under the feet and hold the handles. Curl the hands up to the shoulders and then return to starting position using a very slow movement.
  • Bench hop overs – Stand next to a bench and reach down to grasp both sides with your hands. Begin jumping or hopping over to one side and then the other, tucking the feet upward as you do.
  • Plank – This is a lot harder than it looks and requires you to lie face down on the floor, tuck the forearms under the chest and lift the body and pelvis from the floor. Use the toes to lift the legs and then engage the core as you hold this firm line for a count of 40.
  • Mountain climbers – Uses the total body. Start in a plank position, hand wider then shoulders. Draw one knee in without lifting the hips up and just alternate legs.

What can you expect from this workout? This is, quite literally, a top to bottom workout that engages all of the muscle groups. It asks you to do both cardio and strength training, and that means you are really blasting the metabolism and boosting endurance each time you do a series of three sets.

It can be challenging to tackle this workout without any recovery time, but this is something you can use to set goals. For instance, let’s say you can only do one set and then you are so winded that you need to stop for a minute or so to catch your breath. That is great, but make a point of setting the goal for yourself to get at least half way through the second set within the next week or so of doing the workout.

If you don’t feel particularly challenged, you can lift heavier weights and use more intensity. You can pick up the pace or do each segment for longer periods of time (such as 60 seconds instead of 40). There are many ways you can up the ante and really challenge your body to do its best.

The moves in this workout guarantee that you will see a lot of results. Obviously, you are going to begin to grow much stronger, and your endurance will climb. Fat will burn away easily thanks to the metabolism boost and the increase in muscle, and you will soon discover that the basic series is not challenging enough. Perhaps then it would be time to begin training for an ironman!


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