Beginner Guide To Battle Rope Training

Beginner Guide To Battle Rope Training

If you’re relatively new to the fitness scene, one type of training that you may be hearing about and curious over is battle rope training. What is it and what can it do for you?

Let’s go over the in’s and out’s that you need to know about battle rope training.

What Is Battle Rope Training?

Battle rope training is an innovative type of cardio training that also brings some resistance training into the mix. To perform this type of training, you’ll be taking two battle ropes, one in each hand, and then moving them up and down or side to side. Your body may stay stationary on the ground while you do this or you may be moving it too, lunging forward or side to side.

The closer you stand to the anchor of the battle rope, the more total resistance you’ll have to work against as there will be more slack in the rope you are moving.

What Are The Benefits Of Battle Rope Training?

So why should you perform this type of training? What benefits does it have to offer?

Battle rope training serves as both a cardiovascular workout as well as a strength building one, so it’s highly beneficial for those who are looking for a total body workout.

Battle rope training will:

  • Build excellent core strength
  • Help boost your cardiovascular conditioning level
  • Provide impressive strength progress
  • Break up your regular cardio workout routine
  • Challenge your body in a new manner
  • Enhance balance and agility
  • Increase your post-workout calorie burn, accelerating total body fat loss

As you can see, you have much to gain from including battle rope training in your workout routine.

Who Should Perform Battle Rope Training?

All of this said, how is battle rope training best suited to? Those who are best suited to utilizing battle rope training are those who are looking to take the intensity up a notch, save time in the gym, and also burn fat while gaining strength.

Virtually everyonecan benefit from battle rope training in some way. It’s great for athletes, more advanced trainees who want to take things up a notch, as well as those who can’t afford to be doing hour-long cardio workouts during the week.

The only individuals who will want to tread lightly when it comes to battle rope training are those who are brand new to exercise. As this form of training is more intense, it’s best to build up a bit of a cardio and strength base first before moving into this style of training.

Before You Begin

Finally, before you dive into battle rope training, there are a few things to know and remember.

First, always warm-up. Don’t ever try diving into intense battle rope exercises cold. You need to give your body a chance to get the blood flowing and the tissues loose and limber.

Second, treat it as you would a HIIT sessions. This means eating before the workout so that you have the energy needed to perform the exercises correctly.

Finally, also remember that too much of anything is not a good thing – battle rope training included. Avoid doing too many sessions of this training or you may just find that you verge on overtraining.

Start with one per week (along with a regular strength training workout routine) and increase it to two or three from there as needed.

So there you have a primer on battle rope training. If you are not yet taking part in this form of cardiovascular activity, it’s one to start strongly considering.