StimRush V2

StimRush V2

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$39.99 $54.99

StimRush V2

On Sale:
$39.99 $54.99

Finding the perfect pre workout is no easy task. Goldilocks thought she had it tough having to choose between 3 options, but the modern day athlete literally has thousands of different pre workouts to choose from when purchasing their training fuel.


The problem with 99% of the pre workouts on the market is that they’re poorly formulated -- over-stimmed, under-stimmed, or improperly dosed. On top of that, the ones that are decently formulated are pretty much undrinkable by modern supplement standards.


BPS Nutrition surveyed the current landscape of pre workouts and said, ENOUGH!


They’ve created the ultimate pre workout that hits all the right notes, at all the right doses.


StimRush is the result of countless hours of research and development to deliver the most complete, well rounded pre workout that also tastes great. Each serving delivers the energy you need to survive the most intense workouts and the pumps to match. One sip of StimRush and you’ll wonder why no other supplement tastes this phenomenal.


Are you ready for the rush?!

Benefits of StimRush


  • Increased motivation
  • Heightened focus
  • Immediate and prolonged energy
  • Monstrous pumps
  • Accelerated performance
  • Increased Nitric Oxide production
  • Enhanced fat burning
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Greater endurance
  • Phenomenal flavoring




L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 (5g)


Nothing is better than getting a massive, raging pump during your workout. Something about those gorging veins and bulging muscles  just makes you feel unstoppable in the gym.

You’re guaranteed to have a tremendous pump during your workout thanks to 5g of 2:1 Citrulline Malate, one of the most effective nitric oxide boosting compounds available. 


L-Citrulline has been shown to be significantly better for increasing nitric oxide production than L-Arginine due to its superior bioavailability in the body.[1] Greater nitric oxide production means you’ll have superior vascularity, blood flow, vasodilation, and most important of all, PUMPS! 


Citrulline malate is also an incredibly valuable performance boosting compound due to its ability to enhance ATP production, stamina, and lean body mass.[2,3]


Betaine Anhydrous (4g)


Betaine has quickly become one of the many “staple” ingredients natural athletes use to enhance their power and strength. The active metabolite of choline, betaine first gained notoriety when researchers discovered in it increased strength and lean mass in a similar manner to that of creatine. Betaine has been shown to work synergistically with creatine to enhance endogenous creatine production, enabling you to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time.[4,5]

Beta Alanine (2g)


At the beginning of a workout, you’re firing on all cylinders and performance is at an all-time high. However, the deeper you get into your workout, the faster you begin to fatigue and your endurance is rapidly fleeting. That doesn’t always have to be the case though, if you’ve got beta alanine by your side!


Beta alanine is the incredibly popular endurance-boosting supplement that increases your stamina by increasing carnosine concentrations in your muscles.[6] Carnosine is a powerful compound that buffers acidic ion accumulation in your muscles, offsetting the “burn” that hits mid-set, enabling you to sustain your high level of performance all workout long. This leads to significantly better endurance, strength, and performance[7,8,9], qualities important to any athlete.


GlycerPump (2g)


A crucial component to maintaining a high level of performance during training or competition is an athlete’s hydration. Even as little as a 2% drop in hydration levels has been shown to dramatically reduce performance and hasten fatigue.

As you’re aware, during intense training you’re sweating buckets, putting you at an increased risk of dehydration. But, you can gain the upper hand and ensure you’re body is always well hydrated with GlycerPump.

The industry-leading high yield glycerol supplement, GlycerPump improves hydration and nutrient absorption by essentially turning your muscles into ultra-absorbent sponges. Glycerol pulls excess water in your body directly into its muscle cells, helping you stay hydrated and prolonging your stamina.[10]


Choline Bitartrate (1g)


Choline has a wide variety of uses in the body and is supplemented for a number of reasons, but it’s included in StimRush for its ability to significantly enhance focus. Choline bitartrate supplies your body with a readily usable choline source that can be used in the production of  acetylcholine, an incredibly powerful neurotransmitter involved with learning, memory, and cognition. Increased acetylcholine levels bolsters focus while training and strengthens the ever-important “mind-muscle connection”, helping you wring the most gains from each and every rep.[11]


Other pre workouts try to skate by with a paltry 250-500mg dose of choline bitartrate. Simply put, those doses do little to enhance your focus. That’s why StimRush includes a full gram of this powerful focus-boosting ingredient.


Caffeine (305mg total)


Few things give you the increased energy, motivation, and desire to train hard like caffeine. It’s been around for thousands of years and has been powering athletes to greatness since the first caveman outran a ravenous cheetah.

Whereas other pre workouts would assault your senses with a heaping 300mg of pure anhydrous caffeine, BPS Nutrition knows you need an initial boost to get moving, but not so much that you feel out of control or jittery. 


That’s why StimRush includes a precise blend of three different forms of caffeine to provide immediate and long-lasting energy. Caffeine anhydrous leads the way by giving you an initial surge of instant, fast-acting energy. It’s then bolstered by the slower-releasing Infinergy™ Dicaffeine Malate and caffeine citrate to ensure you never drag during your workout or crash in the hours after it’s all over.


Hordenine (50mg) 


Found in Citrus Aurantium, hordenine is a powerful beta-2 adrenergic agonist that stimulates the body’s natural fat burning processes, helping your body to use fat for fuel while training, thereby sparing your glycogen stores for the really intense work.

Hordenine also operates as a bronchodilator (relaxes bronchial passages) and vasodilator (increases blood vessel diameter)[12], which makes for improved breathing and blood flow during training, and ultimately bigger, better gains. It’s also worth noting that hordenine serves as a noradrenaline reuptake modulator, which prolongs noradrenaline activity in the body leading to increased energy, alertness, and focus.[13,14]


N-Methyl Tyramine (25mg)


Doubling down on the beta-2 adrenergic agonist action in StimRush is N-Methyl Tyramine, or NMT for short. Similar to the previous beta agonist, N-methyl tyramine increases energy and alertness and triggers the “fight or flight” response in the body, subsequently boosting adrenaline production. N-methyl tyramine is incredibly powerful and some research indicates it’s about 1/140th the potency of pure adrenaline.[15]

Suffice it to say, you’re going to feel the kick of StimRush with this ingredient!


Yohimbine (2.5mg)


To bring the complete energy rush experience of StimRush together, BPS Nutrition includes the powerful CNS stimulant yohimbine. Used in combination with caffeine and the other powerful beta receptor agonists, yohimbine gives StimRush the kick that really sends its energy surge over the top.


Yohimbine is an Alpha-2-Adrenergic receptor antagonist that increases adrenaline (epinephrine) and noradrenaline (norepinephrine) levels in the body, activating the “fight or flight” response. This prominent energy booster also supports fat burning by inhibiting the fat storing mechanisms of your body.[16]

With yohimbine, you’ll be more alert, focused, and energized, while also torching fat at the same time!


Huperzine A 1% (100mcg)


The element of focus during training or competition can’t be stressed enough. Without focus, you’ll wander aimlessly through your workout, never fully committing to the task at hand. To ensure you’re always in the zone when it matters, StimRush includes Huperzine A. 


Choline bitartrate directly increases acetylcholine by providing a source of choline to the body; however, huperzine a indirectly increases acetylcholine levels by preserving its actions in the body via acetylcholinesterase (the enzyme that degrades acetylcholine) inhibition.[17]


Huperzine A may also support neurogeneration and offer neuroprotection against glutamate, the “neuron death molecule”.[18]

The combination of choline bitartrate and huperzine make for a stellar 1-2 combination that guarantees supreme focus during your workouts.



To assess tolerance, mix 1 scoop StimRush with 6oz of water 15-20 minutes prior to training. If well tolerated, mix 2 scoops with 12oz of water 15-20 minutes before training. DO NOT exceed 2 scoops per day.


Get Ready for the Rush!


There’s no denying that StimRush provides the most balanced and comprehensive formula on the market. Energy, pumps, focus, and performance -- StimRush gives it all to you, along with next-level flavoring.


You’ve demanded the best, and we’ve delivered it to you with StimRush. Now, it’s up to you to put in the work!





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